Sep 27, 2019 - Competition Training in San Antonio Texas

Sep 27, 2019 - Competition Training in San Antonio Texas

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 - Must be proficient with classic lash application in terms of accuracy and safety.


What you'll learn:

- What to bring

- How to set up your station

- Which competitions to choose based on your goals

- Differences between Online competitions vs live competitions

- Strategies for winning a competition

- The Dos and Don'ts of the competition world

- Things to look for when choosing your model 

- Study different rules/ criteria and learn how to change your strategies based on specific competitions

- Explain what are the common mistakes and point deductions for online/ live competitions that participants do not realize

- Styling choices based on different competitions

- Open eye mapping on a live model 


We will have a mock competition at the end of our training. You'll be able to work on and perform a full set on a live model and a critiquing session will be done just as how a real competition would be!


8/27/2019 - 9:30am-5:30pm


16607 Blanco Road, San Antonio, Texas 78232


You'll receive a Volume Lashes Co certificate upon completion of the training.