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WELCOME to NYC Volume Lash Cup - Online Lash Competition!

  • Registration officially opens on May 1, 2019.
  • Application Deadline will be 11:59pm EDT on August 31, 2019.
  • ALL entry photos must be submitted by 11:59pm EDT on August 31, 2019.
  • Winners will be announced on September 22, 2019. 

-Entry fee can be purchased first and photos can be submitted later (Submit your photos by August 31, 2019 EDT 11:59pm)

Please make sure that you choose the right category and experience level since this cannot be changed once purchased.

-After the purchase is complete, a confirmation email with an order number will be sent. You'll also receive another email with a submission form. If you didn't receive the form, please email us at

*All forms for different categories are included in this email so please make sure to choose the right form for the category you wish to enter. You must also select the Experience Level on the form and it must match with your entries so please double check. If the form and/or experience level does not match your entries, you will be disqualified.

-Photos can be attached on the form and once the form and photos are submitted, your entry is complete. 

-Discounts for multiple entries are available if all entries you wish to enter in are purchased in ONE transaction. Entries cannot be shared with others. 

A Grand Prix Award will be given to the person with the highest total points! More entries = higher chances of winning this award! (Multiple entries in the same category is allowed.) 



- Once purchase is completed, there will be NO REFUNDS (Even if photos are not submitted on time)

- Category or Experience Level cannot be changed after purchase so please double check before completing your order. 

- Works submitted after deadline will not be judged.

- Photos of your work that have already been posted online CANNOT BE USED. Please create a new set to submit.

- A confirmation email containing the confirmation number will be sent to you after purchase. You will need this number to complete your form.

- Experience Level option cannot be changed once you purchase the entry so please double check before purchasing. If we find out that you entered in a lower experience level, you'll be disqualified. 



  • Classic Lashes 
  • 3D Volume Lashes
  • Mega Volume Lashes
  • Speed Volume Lashes (Pre-Made Volume Lashes)
  • Kim K Look (Volume lash Set)
  • Fantasy Lash Art - Theme (Fairy) - More points for volume lash set

    Please click here to check rules and criteria for each category



    *Can be determined based on August 31, 2019 deadline (If you first started on August 31, 2018, you'll be considered less than 1 year experience)

    Classic Lashes
    ・Junior: Less than 2 years
    ・Masters: 2 - 4 years of experience
    ・Experts: Over 4 years of experience


    3D Volume Lashes, Mega Volume Lashes
    ・Junior: Less than 1 year
    ・Masters: 1 - 3 years of experience
    ・Experts: Over 3 years of experience


     Speed Volume Lashes, Kim K Style, Fantasy Lash Art
    ・All levels



    1. Please submit high resolution photos. If the photo quality is not good, your work might not be judged properly and could result in zero points for certain criterias.

    2. Editing eyelashes and eyes are strictly prohibited. Please do not blur out the skin. (We can edit the skin for works that'll be published on magazines but we need original photos for the judging process) Any watermark, company's logo on photos will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

    3. Classic, 3D, Mega Volume, Speed Volume Lashes, Kim K Style - You must submit 8 required photos.  You can submit 2 additional photos of your choice. (No required angles) 

    4. Fantasy Lash Art - You must submit 4 required photos. You can submit 6 additional photos of your choice. 

    Please click here to see the examples. (Please make sure to check the photo angles.)


    PRICE - Please make sure to enter discount code at checkout


    Discounts for multiple entries are available if all entries you wish to enter in are purchased in ONE transaction. Entries cannot be shared with others. 


    GENERAL PRICING (6/1-8/31)

    1 Entry - $120

    2 Entries - $216 (10% Off) - Discount Code: 2X

    3 Entries - $306 (15% Off) - Discount Code: 3X

    4 Entries - $384 (20% Off) - Discount Code: 4X

    5 Entries - $450 (25% Off) - Discount Code: 5X

    6 Entries - $504 (30% Off) - Discount Code: 6X